Automated smoke testing

Let AI to test your application automatically


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Main features

We use machine learning algorithms like LCS or XCS to walk through tested application automatically. It should mimic the same behavior like unexperienced non-technical user would test your application.
Knowledge base

The solution continuously builds the knowledge base of action item content and their probability to lead to new application page, to recognize error pages etc. Two knowledge bases are used – local (for tester application) and global (ARTIN Tester experience)

Computer vision

Current version of ARTIN Tester uses DOM to understand the screen and possible action items. We are working on visual understanding – usage of advanced methods of image recognition to segmentize the screen and recognize dialog elements (buttons, edits, menus etc.)

About ARTIN Tester

ARTIN Tester is our pilot solution to use AI in smoke / regression testing

  • current features
    • Understanding the application structure
    • Automated walk-through
    • Test reporting
  • to-be features
    • User portal with knowledge base view and modification
    • Advanced AI image and text recognition (to understand application screen)
    • Test scheduler, web hooks
Application structure in graph

Be a part of our pilot

We are beta testing our prototype. If you want to see how ARTIN Tester tests your web application, let us know the URL of testing instance and necessary credentials. We will run the Tester with developer supervision and send you report within 24-48 hours. Thank you for helping us make ARTIN Tester better.

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